Kylie Minogue casts a spell in b-side track “Voodoo.”


Kylie Minogue casts a spell in b-side track “Voodoo.”

Trickling synths and repetetive baby beeps assist the Australian pop star on the never-before-heard song from the Kiss Me Once LP (it is claimed she planned to include it as a bonus track on the Japanese edition), but it’s understandable why she left the song on the cutting room floor along with other previously surfaced songs from the era, including the most recent song to leak, “Sugar High.”

“Voodoo” has the elements to transform into a monstrous pop song had Minogue decided she wanted to keep it. In the track, produced by Christian Karlsson (the “Bloodshy” of Bloodshy & Avant [Britney Spears “Toxic”]), Kylie sings about nothing and everything her black magic is capable of.

I’ll find the black magic in you / I’ll let you lay me down / I’ll let you work on your voodoo.

Listen to the witchery here.

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