Check out Jamie Lynn on the new Sta magazine. I think they uhhh forgot the “R.”

“Jamie Lynn – delivery room drama!” The only drama this girl has is dealing with the nutjobs from this magazine.

The best part though is the last bullet: “Casey passes out, Britney flees.” The hospital barely let Lynne in, let alone a crafty Star magazine reporter; how the hell would they know? And oh “Mom Lynne demands paternity test!” Ha shoot maybe the real baby daddy is me afterall…



Us Weekly features Jamie Lynn on their issue this week too: “Jamie Lynn – struggles of a teen mom.” I’ve got to hand it to Us Weekly; they’ve really stepped up their game and have become much more professional lately. Congrats guys keep up the good work!


Above is the new issue of Life & Style. “From party girls to party moms.” Oh please – Jamie Lynn hasn’t been outside her McComb, Mississippi home once since she arrived 2 days later after the birth. No party mom here.


And People!

The good news? Britney was barely on the tabs this week. The bad news? Her sister was.

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