[rant]Can I please just tell you how difficult it was to get these scans! Jesus. First I went to the store in the afternoon to pick it up, but nooo the stock-boy hadn’t started unloading them. So I came back in the evening, picked it up, and headed home only to discover that neither my scanner or my all-in-one printer were working. Of course. So I jetted down to my local Kinko’s and had to pay to get these ******* scanned, burn to a CD, take home, edit, upload, and last but not least… post. So even if you weren’t planning on reading this, DO IT since I worked my **** off to get them up for ya’ll. Dedication right there.[/rant] Anyway, this is Jamie Lynn’s special baby shower issue with pix of her and the fam (plus Britney!) so enjoy! May 19, 2008. Click the picture below to access the entire set.

And check out the Britney highlights! The bold pink is the magazine, the black text is Jamie Lynn:

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