Britney’s new iPhone application she’s Twittered about lately is now available for purchase on iTunes!


I just got a demo of my new iPhone App that comes out Monday and I’m playing with it on my phone non-stop. I love it!! -Brit

Look what you can do with one of the app features and a pic of your friend. LOL! Here’s one I did of Larry! -Brit

So funny!!! Here’s another with Edan. -Brit

(Pictures here.)

You can: 1.) Be Britney’s Dancer photo game where you can put your head on a photo next to Britney on-stage.
2.) Shaking your phone makes it play “It’s Britney *****!”

She will even drop messages to fans like this fascinating one:

BreatheHeavy reader Donny Mohler was kind enough to snap a few captures of the app.

Click below to view the full set:

I’m a Blackberry user… fans: show me some pictures that includes me! (Pictures here.)

And post yours, too! Have fun!

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