And says she wanted Nicole Richie in a valley girl song.

New Interview: Britney Would Nanny Brad Pitt's Children

Britney Spears gave a brief interview on Good Morning Britain.

Leave it to Britney to write the best headlines lately (re: Britney Spears Paints ******* To Mariah Carey Music), but then again hasn’t she from the start? In her latest sit-down, this time with Good Morning Britain, Britney reveals several tidbits of noteworthy info: she’s vacationing in Mexico this summer (and probably Hawaii), would love collaborations with, but not limited to, Luadcris, Shania Twain, Celeine Dion & Gwen Stefani, wanted Nicole Richie in the “Pretty Girls” music video, is a workaholic and would nanny Brad Pitt’s children.

The “Tom’s Diner” singer is no stranger to admitting her love for Pitt, most recently recounting a story where they first met at the Teen Choice Awards years ago.

“I’ve met Brad Pitt once but I’d like to meet the [family] again, and I’d like to become their nanny. That sounds fun to me!”

Another solid interview from the Queen: