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Hi Ruben!
I’m Pedro from Barcelona, Spain.
I’m writing to you because yesterday, at eight o’clock in a radio program called Fanclub from Los 40 Principales FM, they gave an amazing new related with the release of Britney’s brand new CD. They gave the name of some songs and the name of the producers, including some additional information related with it that will be amazing for the latin fans.

Tony Aguilar, who is the reporter, said that Britney is going to be more mature with ‘Original Doll’(which it isn’t the definitive title of the album), exploring new sounds, specially with classical arrangements such as vocal harmonies from the past centuries, and playing classical instruments such as cembalo, big string orchestras, harp… I’m not sure if this is reflected in ‘Mona Lisa’, I think that we must wait until the final remix, but the vocal harmonies are there; it could be true.

Tony said that this arrangements are mixed by the most modern producers, and he gave and important information, and it’s that Max Martin and Rami are going to collaborate with her another time. The name of the other producers are Track and Field, The Neptunes, Cathy Dennis, BT and William Orbit. It sounds amazing because they will mix electronic music with classical one, and that’s cool and original.

Now, I’ll mention the tracks he confirm:

Mona Lisa (Max Martin, Rami and T. Riley)
Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? (the ballad of the cd)
In My Place
You’re The Boss
You Bring Me Joy (with a gospel choir)

And finally, the good new for the latin fans: Britney is going to sing for the first time ever a version of ‘Cómo Hablar’ from Amaral in Spanish!

That’s all, I hope I’ve been useful for you, and I can confirm that everything I’ve said it was on air yesterday in the radio, in 92.6 FM (Los 40 principales, Fanclub).

Best wishes, Pedro. Thanks

Sounds extremely cool, i love the sound of gospel choirs so this is cool, and also it sounds real, ya never know

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