Britney is featured in this week’s issue of In Touch Weekly, including a set of private photos sold to the magazine. The issue discusses Britney’s plans to move from her home in the Summit, to a place that is more spread out and better for the boys. “Britney wants a fresh start,” says an insider. “She feels that the home has too many bad memories attached to it. To Britney, that home represents bad times. She is in a much better place in her life now and wants her home to reflect that.”

Britney, who has recently put her house on the market for $7.9 million, is taking the advice of a psychic she reportedly saw (so stupid I know – just reporting what it says…). “The psychic told her that the home was cursed and bringing bad energy into her life,” says an insider. “Britney’s convinced that the house contributed to the horrible year she had.”

The issue also includes more Jamie Lynn / Casey Aldridge drama. Click below to view:

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