“Adnan has visited Britney’s home under the cover of darkness,” a source close to Adnan tells In Touch, adding that he goes to the sprawling house “late at night to go swimming.” Lovely. While they’re at it I hope he serves her tea and they roast smores. Get outta there Aiden! She hates you!

“They speak on an almost daily basis and exchange text and picture messages,” the insider says. “They regularly tell each other, ‘I love you,’ and ‘I miss you.’ GAG.

The last line of the article is my favorite: “Britney wants to make a fres start with the boys. [Sean & Jayden]” No freshness in that milky bowl of soup I’m afraid. It’s gone sour. Click the picture below to read the article.

The next article discusses Sam Lutfi and his alleged “tell-all” book he may be penning. The article talks about Britney attending coke parties, breaking glass, ya know the usual ********. Gotta love Rats mag! Click the picture below to read the article.

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