If you were getting sick and tired of that old dark dull layout I had up, well then you’re not alone, because so was I. A very lovely web-mistress (you know who you are, much love) taught me how to make a kick *** coppermine template. So I decided to spruce up my galleries by making complete new layouts all my own with my style. Since the last layout for slave4u was so dreary, I decided to make it bright using pink, yay. And the paris-addict.org/pictures layout is green, wee. Well I hope you like them, and will enjoy looking even more at pictures in a cheery gallery(s). Stay tuned to breatheheavy.com for more candids, photoshoots, and exclusives, and be on the lookout for a fourth fan-site I’m starting 😉 .

breathe heavy.com breathe heavy.com

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