Check out this new clip from “For The Record” airing in parts of Europe of Britney being able to drumroll please……. DRIVE!

Britney is driven a few hours outside of L.A. by her crew – initially they tell her they are going on a hike and riding donkeys – Britney’s none-too-pleased. Finally Britney sees her car up ahead and gets emotional – hugging her older brother Bryan before taking off to cruise the country.


Interviewer: When did you last feel free?

Britney: “When I got to drive my car a lot.”

Britney explains her late-night drives last year on the account of less people being at the store during the later hours.

You’d think as time went on, there would be more freedoms given to Britney. Instead, time went on, and the conservatorship was made permanent – giving her even less freedoms than before. It’s not right.

Click to stream:

UPDATE: Video has been removed – someone re-upload this plz.

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