New Dr. Luke-Produced Song By Becky G: “Lovin’ So Hard”

April 2, 2015 By Jordan Miller

Becky G’s new song “Lovin’ So Hard” is a fun mid-tempo pop song.

New Dr. Luke-Produced Song By Becky G "Lovin' So Hard"

Becky G’s new Dr. Luke-produced song hits the mark on every level for a solid pop song.

The problem is her latest release, “Lovin’ So Hard,” is nothing special. It’s got a catchy chorus (“When I wake up your the first thing that comes to mind / Wanna see you like all the time / Yeah we be lovin’ so hard”), pitched vocals and pleasant guitar strumming, but does it push the boundaries in pop music innovation?


But that’s not really what Becky G or Dr. Luke are all about. They’re great at delivering pop bop perfect for drinks by the pool, and “Lovin’ So Hard” is certainly that.

Listen to it here:

What do you think of Becky G’s latest song “Lovin’ So Hard?”