Lynne Spears’ new book Through The Storm: A Real Story of Fame and Family in a Tabloid World, details the ups and downs in her daughters’ careers. The book, previously described as a “parenting” book, will now “portray Lynne as a wonderful mom and will show her defending herself against the criticism that she’s failed as a mother,” according to Perez Hilton.

“An inside source tells In Touch Weekly, “She hates that people think she’s some horrible stage mom who pushed Britney and Jamie Lynn into stardom. In the book, Lynne writes that she never had any intention of profiting off her girls. She was only on the payroll when she was helping Britney with her fan club and web site.”

The source adds some information about Britney Spear as well, saying “Lynne dishes on Britney’s love life. She liked Kevin and even calls him a caring daddy. She just wishes they would have taken their relationship slower.”

As for BritBrit’s breakdown, the source adds, “It’s a mother’s worst nightmare. Her heart broke into a million pieces when she saw the look of despondency in Britney’s eyes.”

And what about daughter Jamie Lynn Spears? Seems momma Spears was upset about how she found out about the pregnancy.

The source says, “Lynne writes that they handed her a note. She was furious.” Though things have changed since the birth of the baby, and everything has been forgiven.

There is one person, though, that Lynne won’t be forgiving, and that is Britney’s former “manager”, sleazeball Sam Lufti. The source says Lynne “makes Sam out to be a monster and a predator who took advantage of Britney when she was most vulnerable.”

And finally, after reading the book, the source says, “You really feel for Lynne. All she ever wanted was to raise a happy and healthy, loving family.”

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