New Court Order

September 17, 2007 By Jordan Miller

A Los Angeles court has ordered that certain elements of the Britney Spears and Kevin Federline custody papers be deleted.

In the court order, the judge stipulates that though there is a public interest in the custody documents, the rights of the two children involved in the case, Sean Preston and Jayden James, outweigh that of the public’s right to know.

Some of the elements that will be “blacked out” or deleted from the court papers include: addresses related to the children; “names of parties/organizations providing activities for the children and the location of the children’s activities”; mental and physical health information about Britney and Kevin and the children; dates and locations of exchanges of the children; specific custody and visitation schedules; social security numbers; travel dates and information related to the children; names, addresses and contact information of childcare providers; descriptions and license plate numbers of cars related to the parties and/or childcare providers for the children; names and locations of school or daycare facilities; and child custody and visitation issues.