In 2010, Britney’s assets totaled $32,376,140.90, according to new docs filed in her conservatorship obtained by TMZ.

Sources connected with the conservatorship tell TMZ, that figure does not include a number of valuable assets.

Just last year, Britney’s Femme Fatale Tour raked in $58 million, plus her $15 million from The X Factor this year.

Here’s what Brit spent in just 2010:

— Child Support and Care: $303,673.72
— Cleaning expenses: $27,265
— Personal grooming and wardrobe: $61,295.12
— Automobile expenses: $59,351.92 (and she didn’t even buy a car that year)
— Rent for Calabasas house: $19,000 a month
— Electric Bill: $5,629.43 in just one month
— Gas Bill: $1,841 in just one month
— Water Bill: $2,278.27 in just one month

Homegirl had $14,740,566.71 in cash alone.

Make that moneh honeh!

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