is offering an exclusive third Circus CD with some new remixes! So in the spirit of, I shall write like their official blogger Britannica:

Lyke omg you guys hai! LOL 😉 😉

Guess what!!! Nooo I’m not watching Lipstick Jungle re-runs with a box of cookie-dough ice cream (LOLOLZ), but I AM going to tell you about a brand new goody is offering! :tongue:

Starting todayz, fans can buy a new CIRCUS cassette, I mean CD hehe – still stuck in the 80s! LOL. The new CD features the bonus tracks “Radar” (seriously? Why hasn’t JIVE given me an explanation as to why that amazing BLACKOUT track is on Circus), “Phonography” and “Amnesia,” as well as two new remixes that includes the “Womanizer (Kaskade Radio Edit #2)” as well as the “Womanizer (Junior Vasquez Superstar Mix)!!!!!!!!!!!111” LOLZ.

Be sure to order your copy AY ESS AY PEE by CLICKING HERE! :laughing: :laughing:

OK, it’s me again. How’d I do? Be sure to order that shiz and support our girl. Album’s out tomorrow!

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