New Charli XCX: "Die Tonight," "Famous" and "Caught In The Middle"

Charli XCXmas is upon us, because three new songs from her upcoming album just landed on the Internet!

Charli XCX is one of my favorite artists in 2014 – she continues to revel in her own sound, and in today’s copycat music industry it’s refreshing to see someone find their own and run with it.

Three songs from “Sucker” leaked: “Die Tonight,” “Famous” and “Caught In The Middle.” Each share her signature punky pop vibe but remain a fluid body of work with her other singles like “Breaking Up” and “Boom Clap.”

Super impressed!

Just putting it out to the universe: BREATHEHEAVY NEEDS A CHARLI XCX INTERVIEW. That is all.

Listen to them here:

Die Tonight:


Caught In The Middle: