New Britney Spears Song Leaks: "Conscious"


Producer Michelle Bell gifted fans a never-before-heard song of Brit from the “In The Zone” era titled “Conscious.”

The mid-tempo bopper uses strings and a conga drums paired with Britney’s sweet high-pitch vocal performance.

“I don’t wanna be pushy, but you got me feeling lovely tonight. / You are my conscious, forsake you I won’t.”

It’s super chill and definitely something to tie fans over until Brit’s Giorgio Moroder cover. Plus, homegirl has writing credits on it (yay)!

Michelle’s also responsible for “Money, Love & Happiness.”

Take a step into this time machine and remember the days when Brit performed in black leather pants blindfolded, experimented with unknowns and in general had no *****.

Take a listen to Britney Spears’ “Conscious:”

Forsake you I won’t.

PS – there’s a little confusion about the spelling of the title. Bell posted it as “Conscious” instead of “Conscience,” so we’re rolling with the former.