New Britney Spears Featuring Lady Gaga’s “telephone” Demo Leaks

January 6, 2015 By Jordan Miller

Britney Spears Featuring Lady Gaga "Telephone" Demo Leaks

Britney Spears’ “Telephone” demo featuring Lady Gaga sans autotune leaked.

Please excuse me while I jump up and down in excitement because of this little carrot Godney tossed our way. This newly surfaced demo of “Telephone” features Britney and Gaga’s original vocal rendition before producers went bananas on it. Britney’s autotune is turned way down and it features slightly different instrumentation.

Gaga and Darkchild originally wrote the song for Britney during the “Blackout” era, but homegirl passed on using it for her critically acclaimed fifth studio album.

In the demo that leaked in May 2010, Britney’s voice is entirely computerized, edited, synthesized, tweaked turned and tasered. That, mixed with the frantic background production, made for an awesome super sonic pop masterpiece. Did anyone give a **** Britney’s vocals were chopped to pieces? No, because showcasing her voice wasn’t the goal – it was to share innovation. That she did.

This new version of the demo that’s surfaced is also extra special because, let’s face it, we now have a song with Britney Spears featuring Lady Gaga, as well as the new tone Brit’s original vocals provide.

Take a listen to Britney Spears featuring Lady Gaga’s all new “Telephone” demo:

I’m kinda bizay.