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New Britney Clips!!!You are bidding on a 2 CD Set of “Guilty: The Best of
The Rest” by Britney Spears. This promo cd features 44 Bsides, lost tracks, demos, live versions and unheard/unreleased tunes. This cd is very very scarce and only made available to DJ’s. Don’t miss out on this amazing & complete collection!!!

01. Guilty
02. Do Somethin’
03. Girls & Boys
04. Don’t Hang Up
05. Kissin’
06. The Answer
07. I’ve Just Begun (Having My Fun)
08. Taste The Victory (Right Now)
09. Before The Goodbye
10. When I Found You
11. I Run Away
12. Intimidated
13. She’ll Never Be Me
14. My Only Wish (This Year)
15. Heart
16. Walk On By
17. You’ve Got It All
18. Autumn Goodbye
19. I’m So Curious
20. I’ll Never Stop Loving You
21. Retarded
22. Chris Cox MegaMix

01. Someday (I Will Understand)
02. We Will Rock You
03. Mona Lisa
04. Wonderland (Instrumental Clip)
05. I’ve Got The Urge To Herbal
06. Toxic (Peter Rauhofers ElectroHouse Mix)
07. Silent Night (Live)
08. …baby One More Time (Cabaret Mix)
09. What’s It Like To Be Me
10. Sacred (Clip)
11. Lonely (Eye-Dols Be Careful Mix)
12. City
13. Boys/I’m A Slave 4 U (Medley)
14. The Joy Of Pepsi
15. Tell Me What You’re Sippin’ On (Clip)
16. The Way You Make Me Feel (Feat. Michael Jackson)
17. Do Somethin’ (Live Version)
18. Get In Line (Clip)
19. What’s Going On
20. Like A Virgin/Hollywood (Live Medley)
21. I Run Away (Deep Dish Remix Clip)
22. I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll (Feat. Queen)
23. Who Do You Think Is Against The Music?
24. Chaotic
HIDDEN TRACK: 25. Oh Yeah (Clip)
HIDDEN TRACK: 26. I Got You (Demo Clip)


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