Tony , a reader of BreatheHeavy, emailed me saying Ne-Yo was on kIIs fm, and talks about Britney yet again. He mentions a new song he wrote for Britney called “Impossible.” The song is about how she is currently the underdog in the public eye and its saying you can put her down all you want, nothings impossible and she can rise from this. He gave some lyrics, as well. Look forward to hearing it!


Transcript typed by Samir Far. for

Ryan: What about Britney Spears, are you working with her on her comeback album?

Ne-Yo: Yes

Ryan: So tell me about that, how’s it going?

Ne-Yo: Well I haven’t actually gone into the studio with Britney yet, in the past we have set up a couple of sessions and for obvious reasons she didn’t make it.

Ryan: They are not that obvious, why didn’t she make it?

Ne-Yo: I Think we all know why she didn’t make it. Britney was going through her battles, she was fighting her demons, if we put it that way. But I’ve done a few songs for her and you know I have sat them in a nice little box to the side and when she’s ready we go into the studio and put it down

Ryan: So these are songs that you have written specifically with her in mind.

Ne-Yo: Specifically for Britney Spears, yes

Ryan: Did you then write these songs as someone looking in on her life.

Ne-Yo: Um yeah, I was working really closely with her A & R people over at the label. And they were basically telling me what she did want and what she didn’t want. For example they said we don’t need any more songs about Mr. Federline

Ryan: No more of those…

Ne-Yo: No more Federline songs, no more songs about Kevin.

Ryan: So where do you turn, songs about her kids?

Ne-Yo: I don’t wanna give away to much but I wrote one song for her called “Impossible” and it’s basically saying nothing is impossible you know she’s like the underdog right now. Everybody is really questioning, can she come back? Does she have the mental stability to do it again? One of my favorite lyrics in the song is “doubt me, I want you to. I want you to think I’m drowning in myself. But baby no after what I’ve been through, lessons learned story’s told I know that nothing is impossible”.

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