Britney recently gave a small interview to OK! magazine about the price of fame and her current demeanor, according to

“I don’t think it’s changed me at all,” said Britney.

“I’m more experienced now and I’ve learned a lot, but I don’t think it’s changed me. I’m still the same old silly Britney – ha ha!”

As continued to say her life was “madness,” and longs to be normal.

“I don’t look at myself as famous. That really freaks other celebrities out, because they do think of themselves as this goddess or this big celebrity, while I think of it as a job.”

“I go on stage and do my thing, and then I come off and I’m just like you, you know?” she said.

Although Britney remains a fascination to the world, she says she can ‘easily forget’ her fame when it comes to mothering her two sons, Sean & Jayden.

“I know I’m famous but I don’t look at it like other people do. Sometimes it surprises me because I forget that I am famous. I do – I totally forget”

Britney, who apparently rated herself a 6 on the looks scale, claims she was “very sensitive” after her public breakdown.

“It took a long time for me just to be happy with me because I was always really worried about what other people thought about me.”

Now all Britney wants to do is “normal things,” saying “I just like eating tuna and talking to the dancers and watching television, you know.”

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