Apparently Britney gave an interview to a very unknown Indian website , but we’ll roll with it. Check it out:

You seem to be high on Bollywood music…
I have always liked the music and dance culture of Bollywood and that’s the enticing part of it all for me.I wanted to do a Bollywood influenced number on my Circus tour and my show director Jamie King made it a reality. I loved it.

What made you choose Sonu as the singer to croon a few lines in your song?
My management and label have been working with Desi Hits to bring you all of my most recent remixes and we consulted with them because I wanted to do something different with I wanna go. Sonu is an incredible singer, so he was a natural choice and when I heard what he created I loved it!

Will you be marketing the album in India too?
Yes, I love India and always have, so hopefully I will be coming to see all my desi fans all over the world very soon!

Is there any place in particular you would like to visit in India?
I have not been to India yet, but I would love to.I think I would like to visit the heart of the Indian film industry and see Mumbai.

Will there beany more Bollywood inspired songs from you?
The funny thing is I never stopped being inspired by Bollywood, so yes there will be more!!

Will you perform in India?
Nothing confirmed yet, but our team is certainly looking at some opportunities that have been offered to us… stay tuned!

Talking about Bollywood, have you seen any Indian film?
I have seen some clips, but I have not seen a whole movie yet.

Is there a cause that you will like to work for in India?
I have a special place in my heart for children especially since I am a mother myself. This is definitely something I will explore before coming to India.

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