New Britney DVD: “Unbreakable?”

September 16, 2008 By Jordan Miller

Does Britney have a new DVD coming out?

According to two large online shopping sites, &, Britney is set to release a DVD late October!

The sites offer fans to pre-order the new DVD, titled “Unbreakable,” currently priced at 8.24 euro and set to be released October 27, 2008.

Nova Sales & Distribtutions, the company dispersing the DVD, is described as “highly successful” and is now one of the leading Independent Music Distributors in the UK and Ireland. “We cover all areas of Music Distribution such as Top selling Singles, Music DVD (with a leading Market Share in this Genre), Audio Albums with over 30 titles released each month and Digital Distribution via download and Mobile,” reports Nova’s official website. The company distributes over 2000 titles from over 80 Music and DVD Companies to all areas of Music Retailing including Specialist Retailers, Supermarkets and Independent Record Shops.

Britney has been photographed being filmed by her bodyguard, Lee, for the last several months in what is rumored to be for a documentary. Perhaps this is just what she wants to prove in the footage; she may have shattered into a million pieces, but she’s still Unbreakable.