New Britney Demo?

December 20, 2010 By Jordan Miller

A new demo is blastin up the scene. Ch-ch-check it out:

UPDATE: Producer DeadMau5, confirms the demo is fake on his Twitter, saying:


“what the **** are you guys talking about with this britney ****? i could dub bob marley over a biebs vid and you’d probably go for it. #fake”

UGH. But thanks.

UPDATE: The original poster of the YouTube video says they recorded it from a party DeadMau5 attended where he played the song. They also claim he inbox messaged her demanding she remove the video:


I dont know why deadmau5 is lying i was at the party he announced it as a new britney track. if he was not supposed to play it then i can see why he is denying it.

@deadmau5 if its fake why are you messaging me in my inbox asking me to remove it before britney’s label see’s it or else you will copywrite the video.. you ruined your own carrier now, leaking music months before release who’s gonna work with you now ***.

Stay tuned!