Britney Spears wanted control of her career, and she got it. The result? Her latest video, which she co-directed, features the singer playing air guitar in her underwear, singing in a faux girl band, and flying a pink Hummer through the clouds.

Spears said she had more of a hand in “Do Somethin’ ” than any other video she’s made, as she “even came up with all the choreography and styled the entire shoot myself using Juicy Couture clothing”. “Do Somethin’,” which won’t be serviced to U.S. video channels, was slated to premiere in the U.K. this Friday, but fans around the world are already watching it thanks to an online leak.

In it, Spears wears a pink midriff T-shirt reading “Love Boat” and a pink capelet, making her way to a club called Hole in the Wall with her four blond bandmates via the flying pink Hummer and singing, “Somebody give me my truck/ So I can ride on the clouds/ … Somebody pass my guitar/ So I can look like a star.” En route, they whip their hair in sync to the beat as Spears puts the car on autopilot. Once they arrive, Spears and crew head for the dance floor, where she exhorts the crowd, “Get up out of your seat/ Why don’t you do something?”

After a few dance moves, including one where her band pushes her around in a chair, Spears and the girls make for the stage and rock out a bit. Interspersed throughout the video are shots of Spears performing in black underwear and a white mini fur coat, as if she were shot in a separate room and is just being flashed on a screen à la “My Prerogative.” But when her band starts performing, the in-her-undies Spears’ response is to play air guitar.
Spears has described the video as “cute,” which might explain why she goes back and forth between trying to look **** and then goofy. She breaks from serious vamp poses to mug dorky grins and roll her eyes at the camera, even when she’s in her underwear. Her answer to the incongruity might also be found in the song: “I see ya looking over here/ Can’t you tell I’m having fun?”

– Jennifer Vineyard

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