Britney reportedly chose Demi Lovato to be the final judge on X Factor, but maybe it’s because she sees part of her past in the troubled starlet?

A new blind item floating around alludes to Demi Lovato’s troubled life possibly interrupting her multi-million dollar X Factor deal; her team is aware, but the cash is too tempting. Sound familiar?

“Which potential reality show judge is terrified that the truth about her physical and mental health will cost her a job offer? The show’s producers don’t know that the young star has actually been in and out of r*hab three times this year (and it’s four times if you count one interrupted stay where her team pulled her out of one facility and moved her to another). She has a serious cocaine and alcohol addiction and severe emotional issues and is still a fragile mess.

But it’s all about the money. Although she already has enough money to live on for the rest of her life, there’s a multi-million dollar payday at stake here. Her team – who have always cared more about the star’s bank account than her health – will do anything they have to do to prop her up and present her as a sober, mature professional and a good role model for young girls in order to get the gig.”

CRAZY allegations. Remember, this could be about anyone, but there’s only so many possibilities.

If this has any ounce of truth, and Demi is pushed into something she’s potentially not ready for, I hope Britney and co. can be a source of strength and inspiration for her to get her on the straight and narrow. The Hollywood life’ll really bite ya in the *** if you’re not ready for it.

Stay strong, Demi!

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