Fans think a new blind item on CrazyDaysAndNights is about Britney and David Lucado.

Unfortunately for this guy it comes with the territory.

“This nobody has hit the lottery. He actually could be making for or asking for a whole lot more money than he is currently getting paid to be the boyfriend of this A list celebrity. She loves having a boyfriend and the only way she is going to meet someone who does not work for her is if someone arranges it. A few introductory meetings and a a coffee and then dates paid unknowingly by her. He gets paid $1000 a week which is twice as much as he was making at his last job. He is not supposed to have *** with her, but no one says no to her without a fight so it probably has happened or will. Does this make him a gigolo?”

I’m not buying it.

What do YOU think? Is it about Britney?

Speaking of, check out this profile on Yatedo. IF it’s the same David Lucado, it says he did investigating and research. Just saying…

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