They’re a bit bland but ***** she’s Madonna.

New "***** I'm Madonna" Remixes

Madonna’s “***** I’m Madonna” remixes are out, and they’re horrendous.

I’m aware that might discourage you from listening to them, I’m also aware I cannot tell a lie.

We love when artists re-record vocals, add creative backgrounds from innovative producers and alter the vibe of the original song to something dreamy. But often a track is remixed with a jillion choppy cuts and club beats that retracts from its initial vibe. Inserting synth horns and a deep robotic voice does not make for a flawless remix, and unfortunately Madonna’s latest batch for her new single “***** I’m Madonna” featuring Nicki Minaj misses the mark (the only one that’s tolerable is “Sander Kleinberg Club Mix”). Remixes aren’t a crucial part of a single’s release, but they could be, and the music video set to debut sooner than later features cameos from Katy Perry to Miley Cyrus, so we’ll hold tight.

Listen to them here:

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