Here’re some more new album rumors… I’m not making any statement if whether or not this is true. The thing is, you gotta face it, Britney will release a CD this year. Her contract with Jive is clear… She has to release an album every single year. Why you think GH: MP came out last year? Just to fill up for 2004, instead of releasing a totally new CD. So this was sent to and the girl that wrote the letter is the webmaster of the BackStreet Boys official fan club in Japan.

My name is Cari and I would like to tell you about something that has just come to my attention. I am the Webmaster of the Official Backstreet Boys Fan Club here in Japan, with this; I have a close connection with the workers of Jive Records and Zomba. I have learned that the album will only have 3 new tracks; the rest of the album was recorded at a previous period. The album is to be named “Up Close”, familiar to her TV Show with Kevin on MTV “Up Close and Personal” which is to be filmed in 2006. There are currently 9 songs for the album already, no word if there will be more tracks. The 3 new tracks are “Love Me Forever” (With Kevin Federline), “On Fire”, and “**** (It *****)”. All the other songs on the album are previously unreleased. To name a few of the previously recorded tracks, “Try It”, “Mona Lisa” and “Darling”. The album will be released everywhere except in the UK. The Japan version of the CD will feature a bonus track by Kevin Federline, which features Britney. The album is set to be released in June.


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