According to a close source of DMand Entertainment, it seems like Britney has completed her new album. The working tittle for it is still Original Doll. Mona Lisa will appear as a bonus track in some countries only.

So Unbreakable
(B.Spears, G. Edwards, C.Midnight) Produced by The Matrix
My Words (My Voice)
Produced by The Matrix
Let Loose
(B. Spears, J. Schwartz , B. Klerulf) Produced by Rodney Jerkins
Physical Attraction
Produced by Linda Perry
Talk To Me
(L. Perry) Produced by Linda Perry
Make Me Beautiful
Produced by Trackstarz
No Fool
(J. Schwartz, R. Jerkins) Produced by Rodney Jerkins
I Want It (Give Me)
Produced by Trackstarz
(B. Spears) Produced and arranged by Kanye West
Stay With Me
Produced by The Matrix
Believe It
Produced and arranged by Trackstarz
Move On Once Again
Produced by Rodney Jerkins
I’m Gonna Dance
(B. Spears, A. Merrill) Produced by Rodney Jerkins
Leave Me If You Love Me
(B. Spears, L. Perry) Produced by Linda Perry
Produced by Trackstarz
Even Though I’m Wrong
(B. Spears, K. West) Produced by Kanye West


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