New Album Rumors Buzzzzz

August 3, 2010 By Jordan Miller

Rumor has it Britney’s first single off her new album debuts in September.

Others speculate a big announcement on August 27th.

Despite producers coming forth claiming they’re working on the new Brit album, Britney’s manager, Adam Leber, shot down the speculation on his Twitter, saying:

Darkchild got burned!

Speaking of burned, Perez Hilton called out Adam Leber on Twitter regarding a Tweet about piracy; Mr. Leber says “Welcome to Twitter @irvingazoff,” who Tweeted:


so if you want ticket prices to go down stop stealing music.

Agreed! How old school of Mr. Leber.

Fans can’t look forward to new music in the near future, but we do have a new magazine cover!

Or CAN they?