Britney’s new album is going to be cutting edge, according to a recent report from

“It’s way more edgy than the last album,” songwriter Claude Kelly, who composed several tracks for the as-yet-untitled album, tells PEOPLE at a New York NARAS reception. He adds that Britney’s returning to the darker sounds of Blackout. “[It’s] more in the vein of the album before,” he says.

Though Kelly admits he’s not completely sure what the “final product is going to be,” he does say, “the last album [2008’s Circus] was more clean pop. [Its purpose] was to reintroduce Britney to the world as the pop princess.”

“She’s always ready,” Kelly says. “Dr. Luke and Max Martin are running the show, and it’s all about the beats. It has a heavier bass line and it’s much harder, more urgent, more club.”

“She’s ready again!”

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