Either Adam Leber is toying with fans, or he isn’t in the know as much as manager Larry Rudolph is!

Las Vegas celebrity journalist, Robin Leach, claims he’s recently talked to Britney’s main manager, Larry Rudolph, about her upcoming album. Leach says it’s due out some time in the spring, Tweeting:


“Britney Spears manager Larry Rudolph @Palms tells me she’s reached halfway point recording new album for Spring release sez it’s fantastic.”

Funny… because co-manager(?) Adam Leber Tweeted fans saying there’s “No release date set…”

Leber also Tweeted followers several days ago about Britney’s GLEE episode, saying:


So, I MAY or MAY not have seen Brit’s GLEE episode which MAY or MAY not be pretty damn incredible….

Hmm… May just happens to fall in the SPRING!


Image: x17online.com

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