New Album 8 Info

April 25, 2013 By Jordan Miller

New Album 8 Info

Britney is still in the recording stages of her upcoming album, and is requesting “autobiographical songs” about her life, a music insider reveals to

Brit wants a more personal album this time around, but knows she needs to be on top of the game.

“They’re smart. There’s a hip hop boom coming and she’s staying ahead of the curve,” they said. “Britney’s always been good at staying ahead of music trends and curves. Dance pop will always be big because people will always go to clubs, but hip hop/pop is coming, and it’s gonna boom, and that’s the direction she’s going in.”

“If it is done right, then she hits the jackpot. The album will be called the most influential album of the year, or decade, or whatever, because other artists will follow. It’s actually quite genius…”

She’s enlisted the help of Will.I.Am, Hit-Boy, Wiz Khalifa and Danja to make sure she gets her seventh number one and create a brand new sound for her fans.

And get this, she initially started the demo requesting process with inspiration from Rihanna’s “Diamonds,” but knows if she wants her own unique hit she’ll have to create the trends, not follow them.