New A$AP Rocky: ‘LSD’

May 20, 2015 By Jessica

Rapper debuts the trippiest video of the year.


A$AP Rocky continues his media bombardment with another new track and music video.

His album is still a few weeks away from premiering but A$AP Rocky has fans ravenous as he continues to release new material from the upcoming record.

This time it’s a track called LSD and the video is, well, basically an LSD trip. The song is decidedly chilled out, and features another beat switch about halfway through – something that appears to be becoming a trademark in Rocky’s new material. The video ventures into Rocky’s mind and the viewer sees through the rapper’s eyes.

Check it out:

Many fans have noted the video appears to be heavily inspired by a 2009 film called Enter The Void, an equally trippy film about a drug dealer.

Considering the darker, reflective, and more depressive tone of the song as well as the accidental overdose of Rocky’s mentor A$AP Yams earlier this year, it’s likely the song is documenting Rocky’s grief and recovery process as he overcomes his close friend’s untimely death.

What do YOU think of Rocky’s new material?