Harlem rapper drops new track with hip-hop super producer.


Rocky teams up with Skateboard P for this new freestyle.

Adding to the steady stream of new music being released in this first month of the year, A$AP Rocky has just premiered a new track. It’s unknown if the song is for a new album or whether it’s simply a January gift for fans but either way, the song is getting rave reviews from rap fans.

Fans have noted how Rocky has one of rap’s most reliable flows, he’s able to take any beat and make it his own. Pharrell made a name for himself in the late 90s and early 2000s as part of production team The Neptunes and their three piece band N.E.R.D. Before Britney Spears broke them into mainstream, they worked with a string of hip hop and R&B artists.

He also uploaded the finalised version of Yamborghini High, the song dedicated to his manager A$AP Yams who died last January from a drug overdose.