Liv Nervo talks to us about “The Other Boys” music video with Kylie Minogue, their album ‘Collateral’ and more.

Something tells me we should be together.

Australian DJs Mim and Liv Nervo of the superstar DJ group NERVO are cooling off from their wild summer DJing around the world to promote their latest record ‘Collateral.’ Their recent single titled “The Other Boys” is a funky disco anthem and features fellow Aussie singer and friend, Kylie Minogue, alongside Scissor Sisters frontman Jake Shears and the legendary Nile Rodgers.

BreatheHeavy caught up with Liv for a chat about their upcoming music video for the star-studded collab, the sense of relief they felt after releasing the album and the singles they’re planning to followup with.

Your schedule is crazy!
I’m used to it. Lucky we love what we do! We genuinely love to play. There’s been times we’re exhausted and I feel like I can’t breathe [laughs]. I get to a club, I get to a festival, I hear the music and suddenly I get energy and I’m fine! I don’t know where the energy comes. When you love what you do you work hard.

Can you keep up with this hectic lifestyle?
Yeah, we’ve always been working. It’s always about working… We’re the kind of people that like to keep busy.

Speaking of keeping busy, you recently shot a music video for “The Other Boys” with Kylie Minogue, Nile Rodgers and Jake Shears. What’s the concept?
The music video concept is really quite simple. It’s all of us in a warehouse, and Kylie and Jake are miming the words – they’re singing a lot to camera and we party together. The concept behind the song is just about having a crush on someone who doesn’t have a crush on you. It was great fun to film it with everyone. We had a fun day.

That's a wrap on our video for #TheOtherBoys which features these brilliant people @kylieminogue @jakeshears @nilerodgers. A definite highlight of our careers! Can't wait to show you guys the final product ?? #NERVOcollateral #disco #musicvideo #london @beatsandstylesmusic

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Have you had a crush on anyone who didn’t like you back?
OH yeah. Ohh yeah. Hasn’t everybody?

Especially if you guys are in different cities all the time.
Yeah. I’m a romantic at heart because I truly believe that people… I meet a lot of people who say the same thing. It’s not just me. Maybe I’m a romantic, but I still think that if I meet somebody on the fly that we could… it doesn’t matter what our schedule is we should find a way. I meet a lot of busy people, too. Hopefully I’m not naive.

How was working with Kylie Minogue?
We started working with Kylie five years ago and we’ve stayed in touch ever since. We’re [also] friends with Jake [Shears], and Jake happened to be hanging out with Kylie, and he knew that we knew her. Then the next week she recorded it!

Are you going to be featured on her upcoming Christmas record?
She told us about that at the studio actually. I’m really excited for that album! We haven’t worked with her on it, but I’m excited to hear it.

And the legendary Nile Rodgers?
Nile came on right at the last minute. Easy guy to work with! Such a professional. He was on a world tour at the time and really wanted to make it work. So in between bouncing between different countries and continents, he managed to play his guitar and stuff. Very last minute addition, but we really love it. He just brings it to a whole new disco level.

You released your latest album ‘Collateral’ earlier this summer. How are you feeling now that a few months have passed?
We were very nervous when we released it. We put a lot of pressure on ourselves. It was a very scary time, really. When we released it it was just a sense of relief that we were done. We did our best, and all that will be will be. And now, having had a few months… it’s had such a great response. I just feel a sense of relief. It’s so long ago and not worrying about it. The public loved ‘The Other Boys’ so much we’ve now changed the order of our releases, because that single wasn’t meant to be out til’ the very end of the year or even next year, but because we got such a great reaction to it online it’s now being released earlier. That interaction we get from our fans and the public in general is so important.

You could pick the single order before the album drops, but if there’s a demand for a certain song you’ll change it up?
Exactly. The fans (and I think also the Kylie and Jake fans) have changed the order of our releases [laughs].

Any idea what your next ‘Collateral’ single will be after ‘The Other Boys?’
I think ‘Bulletproof’ will be released soon. There’s another one that features Nicky Romero called ‘Let It Go.’ That one we’ll probably release afterwards and I hope we release a single called ‘Did We Forget.’

What’s so special about that song to you?
It works really well in our set and I just love the track.

Are you always writing and recording new music?
We’re always doing bits and pieces when we find a day off, when we’re not exhausted from our tour and we don’t have emails to catch up on, or a radio show to do, or a photoshoot or things like that… then we always try to make music. The summer months we haven’t done much. The European summer is such a crazy schedule and then when we mix up our residencies in Vegas… there’s just not a lot of time to do much else. Straight after the summer we go into the studio. We’ve got a lot of studio days in September.

Are there any artists that you’d like to work with on your next album?
Oh God, there are so many. From Lauryn Hill to Imogen Heap to Skrillex. I’d love to work with Calvin [Harris]. Even someone really cool like Jill Scott or Erykah Badu.

What do you consider being successful in music means?
I think being able to connect to people. Music’s reaching people and affecting them.

Leave us with some words of wisdom.
The harder you work, the luckier you get.