UPDATE: I’m a flop.

Neon Hitch's EEE Album Cover

Neon Hitch is a free *****, baby.

The “Yard Sale” singer unveiled her “Eleutheromaniac” album artwork today. The water color painting has a lot going on in it, so here’s my best interpretation of it:

It’s a large family living in close quarters. In an effort to make some space, they’re deciding to get rid of a lot of **** in a yard sale. However, they’re keeping their pet pigeon.

Wait for it…

Neon Hitch told BreatheHeavy.com of the album:

“I think the theme of [the album] is freedom. Eleutheromaniac means a creature that needs freedom. I know that’s me, and I know that’s all of my fans, and even people who aren’t my fans. It felt like the right title, and it’s going to liberate the fans. That’s the whole message: it’s freedom.”

“The last couple years have been really rough. I’ve been through some huge ups and downs, and like anything it’s hard to let go of the past and move on. That was my whole reason for having a yard sale – liberating myself. Removing the demons and the emotional baggage.”

I like it.