Neon Hitch is free, lost and found.


Neon Hitch was lost, but now… she is found.

Last year, Neon Hitch told BreatheHeavy she finally felt “free” after emancipating herself from Warner Brothers Records to pursue her own fan-powered label WeRNeon. Following her last project Eleutheromaniac, which means a creature that needs freedom, is her 2016 LP Anarchy.

The theme of independence bleeds into her new collaboration with Borgeous and 7 Skies on their new song and video for “Lost & Found,” a tune inspired by by genuine connections.

“I feel the song outlines every aspect of my emotional freedom which has no restrictions and is so variable at any one time,” she tells “Musically right now I’m in a place where I just truly let go in the studio and you know… free-styling the tracks and keeping the rough takes – just letting go really brings out the urban sound that just wants to come out but it still holds that pop sensibility.”

The video is a rooftop dance party overlooking twinkling city lights. Watch:

Neon added her new record Anarchy is rich in heavy bass beats and real lyrics “from what I like and how I feel.”

“The name I feel really outlines my new musical style of just being free and having that no rules approach to composing,” she continued. “[It] came together so quickly. You know… it just sprang up and marked the next chapter of my life, like it was all supposed to happen, and now I can embrace this anarchic approach to music.”

Anarchy dropped July 22. Listen below:

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