Furtado’s new song is about “narcissism, lust, isolation and altruism.”


Nelly Furtado’s new song is about “narcissism, lust, isolation and altruism.”

That’s how Furtado describes the meaning of her new song “Islands Of Me,” which is thought to be a track featured on the Deluxe edition of her forthcoming album which is rumored to drop this November(!!!).

Furtado has been preparing us for the impending comeback, beginning with the studio release of her Calvin Harris cover for “Feel So Close” last month, and a one-off mid-tempo jazzy-pop tune “Behind Your Back,” which she said won’t be featured on the forthcoming LP. “It’s a palette cleanse…an appetizer.”

“Islands Of Me” on the other hand is too juicy not to include. The Canadian singer performed the song live earlier this week, and the studio version is now available.

On the track, Furtado sings about yearning to feel free over breezy island production. “Is this the meanin’ of bein’ free? The only one of us livin’ is me,” she sings. “Is this what we are meant to be?
Everywhere I look on the scene are islands of me, me, me.”

Obsess over yourself then, listen to Furtado’s latest release below:

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