You know what I was going to ask you about, I heard you were writing for people right now. Like Britney Spears. What’s going on with that?
I don’t have a response for Britney Spears, I don’t know what going happen with’em; she going through her parent struggles. I ain’t going comment on that, that ain’t none of my business.

You know you better say something.
Come on… Yo, I don’t know what’s going on with her, I mean I heard she’s back in rehab – you know that’s a good thing, at least she’s trying to get some help. But yo… why the hair? So you just going to cut off your hair? Serious? So you are just going to cut it all off? OK… all right… go ahead. Go ahead baby, do what you do. Dammit… her life is her life. And she felt like cutting all that damn hair off. Demi Moore did it. I mean, it was for a movie, but she did it. What’s the other one? Sinead O’Connor did it. Do what you do, it really ain’t my business.

Ok, what about the songs that you wrote for her?
I did some ups, some ballads; I just don’t know what’s going to happen with ’em, cause as I said, she’s going through parent struggles and I ain’t going to sit on some songs cuz you are going through something – the song gotta move, so they either wind up with Britney or they won’t. I did about six to eight songs. So let’s see what happens with that. But I’m doing some stuff with Whitney Houston as we speak – her and Jennifer Hudson, as a matter of fact. I just had a really, really good talk with Celine Dion and her husband about doing some stuff for her. She’s trying to come back; you know, we talking about how it’s been a minute since she had an album out, so she definitely wants to do something new, but not so much current. She said I don’t want “Irreplaceable,” I don’t want, what you’ve done before: “I’m not Beyonce, I can’t do what Beyonce does.”

Credit: Vibe

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