Singer/song-writer Ne-yo has committed the ultimate sin as a musician: calling out Britney Spears. Ne-yo was asked by Britney’s management to to pen songs for her 5th studio album, but grew impatient when neither Britney nor her team returned his phone calls. So what does he do? gives the tracks to the Pussycat Dolls. Ok first of all, I swear I’ve written an article about this loser before – which is fine, I have no problem calling him out again. Love you Brit. And second of all, if the Pussycat Dolls can sing it – then it was nowhere near Britney’s caliber. Thirdly, was he under a rock, or did he not miss the downfall; give the girl a minute, ****, she’s allowed to not call you back. And fourth of all, he *****. Alright alright I didn’t have to include that last one – but I calls it likes I sees it.

“We set up multiple sessions where she was supposed to actually come in and give her input on the songs, but she never showed up,” the singer told Britain’s Guardian newspaper. “This was before the whole shaving of the head thing, but after that happened, her people stopped returning phone calls.”

Nicole Scherzinger of the Pussycat Dolls, whose head became a little big when she thought she was too good for PCD and attempted a solo career, which failed, and wanted to use the Britney tracks for herself. Duh. Ne-yo obliged.

“And when news of that came out,” says Ne-Yo, “then Britney’s people call me! ‘Hey! What’s going on? Why’re you giving away Britney’s music?’ I’m like, ‘Wait! Until y’all cut me a cheque, I’m givin’ away my music. It may’ve been written with Britney in mind, but it’s not hers.’

“I heard that she was upset with me,” he continues, “and, you know, I don’t care.”

Good – I’m glad you don’t care, cause outcasting Britney like that was the death of your career. It’s an honor to have Britney upset with you. Now bow down, apologize, and kiss my feet. Errr I mean her feet.

Why is this relevant? Why is reporting this just now? Ah just bash him.

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