‘Once she’s ready, I’m a phone call away,’ songwriter says of Spears.

…Ne-Yo says he still has some heat up his sleeve for Britney Spears and Whitney Houston, but time has not allowed him to get in the lab with them (see “Ne-Yo Penning Comeback Tracks For Britney, Whitney”).

“There were three or four studio sessions she did not show up to,” Ne-Yo said about Spears. “I understand she’s fighting her demons right now. Everybody has the right to fight their demons and do what they got to do to heal up and get right. She’s doing that and I’mma keep on moving, doing what I’m doing. Once she’s ready, I’m a phone call away. She knows that. Her people know that. … But as of right now, don’t worry about the music thing, don’t worry about the tabloids, just get yourself right. It’s obvious that there’s something wrong. She’s got some devil in her and it needs to be exorcised. God bless you, Britney.”

Source: MTV

Take a hint Ne-Yo, she’s over you. Looks like you’re not “irreplaceable” (to the left to the left).

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