Naughty Boy Working With Britney Soon

Naughty Boy confirmed he’s working on Britney’s new album in a radio interview with Capital FM back in May, and now their studio session’s just a short time away.

“The Britney Spears session, as far as I know, is a couple of weeks away but we’ve started a process and I’m working with William Orbit who I’m a massive fan of and he asked me to get on board,” Naughty Boy tells MTV News UK.

“It’s amazing and he’s working on the record and the stuff we’ve done, I hope that it’s something that takes her to another level as well so I wouldn’t want to do something ordinary with Britney.”

Naughty Boy’s worked with Rihanna, Emeli Sandé, Cheryl Cole and Leona Lewis.

A few weeks ago, Naughty Boy said of the collaboration:

“William Orbit who’s producing some [of her new album], they’re coming down to the studio, him and Britney to work together with me. It sounds really good. I’ve always wanted to work with her but I’d love to do something a bit different.”

Looking forward to this!