Is this 2001?

New Janet Jackson "Unbreakable": Listen

First Beyoncé, now Janet: Naughty Boy is making his way around the legends.

Janet Jackson’s new single “BURNITUP!” is the Missy Elliott collaboration that debuted at the Unbreakable Tour and we will finally hear the studio version when it drops this Friday (Sept. 25.)

The high-energy track has been opening Janet’s shows to wild crowds and it sounds like a total club banger as the two legends bounce off each other throughout.

However, Janet’s team have enlisted UK producer Naughty Boy to rework the song’s production to better suit the UK scene.

The “Runnin’” producer didn’t elaborate on the direction the remix will take but he did confirm it will be the lead single from the UK release of “Unbreakable.”

I’m about to start work on a track with Janet featuring Missy Elliott. It’s set to be another massive collaboration. It’s very exciting times for the both of them. I’m going to be remixing the track for the UK and I look forward to meeting up with Janet soon.

It’s a little disappointing (and very backwards) to change the release for international markets, not to mention the fact this is being arranged less than 10 days before the album’s release is a little hella messy.