Naughty Boy Not On "Britney Jean"

Naughty Boy won’t be featured on “Britney Jean” because of… logistics?

In a Q & A with readers on Reddit, he answered if he’d appear on the writing credits:

“No. We will not. I was working on something with William Orbit for it, but I had my own stuff coming out at the same time and I didn’t have my work visa sorted at the time and it didn’t work out as planned, but I’m sure it will happen someday.”

Weird, because a few weeks ago, singer Emeli Sande said she and Naughty Boy already made the track and sent it off to Team Spears.

“Me and Naughty Boy did the Britney song and sent it off. It’s fun writing for an icon and being Britney for the day.”

There were even reports Britney would record during her stay in London a few weeks back.

“Naughty Boy’s planning to take Britney on a tour,” a source told The Sun. “They’ll be holed up at his studio in Ealing for most of the time but he wants to weave in a visit to the Lake District. He loves it there.”

I’m guessing that never happened.

“The Britney Spears session, as far as I know, is a couple of weeks away but we’ve started a process and I’m working with William Orbit who I’m a massive fan of and he asked me to get on board,” Naughty Boy tells MTV News UK back in July.

“It’s amazing and he’s working on the record and the stuff we’ve done, I hope that it’s something that takes her to another level as well so I wouldn’t want to do something ordinary with Britney.”

Naughty Boy’s worked with Rihanna, Cheryl Cole and Leona Lewis.

His track for “Femme Fatale” was also cut.