Naughty Boy Crafting Pop Magic On Album 8

Naughty Boy will hit the recording studio with Britney and William Orbit in just a couple weeks, and is focusing on making a string of POP smashes.

He tells Entertainment Wise:

“I wouldn’t do anything that dub-steppy I wanted to keep it pop. I’m a big fan of pop music and that culture so I definitely want to keep that going but in my own kind of way and my own kind of style. I’m not trying to make any kind of record you would have heard before. As a producer you want to be able to do that,keep it original.”

“It’s different. I’m a fan of his (Orbit) so it’s just amazing to be doing something exciting with him and he’s working on the tracks at the moment. I think the sessions are in a couple of weeks.”

As of now, all the chatter’s claimed the album’s getting an urban treatment, so it’s nice to hear there’s still a pop element to it. Not that anything Britney makes isn’t pop gold, anyhow!