National Enquirer: Britney Furious At Beyonce's Album Sales

Britney Spears totes blames Beyonce for her so-so “Britney Jean” album sales because, well, the National Enquirer is bored as ****.

“Britney’s album is a flop, but rather than take responsibility, she’s say­ing it’s all Beyonce’s fault,” an ~insider~ told the tabloid.

“As crazy as it sounds, Britney honestly believes Beyonce deliberately timed the release of her album to humiliate her.” They say when Britney heard Beyonce’s album was slaying, Brit Brit went on a “rampage.”

“Britney knocked a computer to the ground and forbade anyone in her camp from mentioning Be­yonce’s name or playing her music,” revealed the insider. “Britney also went off on her dad Jamie, screaming at him and accusing him of mismanaging her career.”

“Britney thought she’d wrap up 2013 as the queen bee of pop,” they continued. “But Beyonce has clearly stolen that crown.”

Obviously ******** but pretty hilarious!