Bedingfield and chill.

Relax with Natasha Bedingfield.

It’s been nearly six years since Bedingfield released her last studio album, 2011’s Strip Me / Strip Me Away. Before that, she hit it big with 2004’s “Unwritten,” which secured its spot in popular culture when it became the soundtrack song for MTV’s The Hills. If you can picture anything other than Lauren Conrad’s mascara dripping down her cheek when hearing “Unwritten,” you’re a hero. Speaking of soundtracks… Bedingfield crafted another, and it’s a bop.

She teamed up with Nestea for their Taste of Freedom campaign and released a summery music video for a song titled “Let Go.” According to Yahoo!, their mission is to get people to CHILL THE F–K OUT. Here is their precise verbiage: “Let Go” “aims to encourage people to exhale, take a break from their daily hustle to enjoy a moment of serenity.”

“In the busy world we’re living in, it’s far too easy to get stressed out, clinging to our mobile phones, working too hard and not unplugging as much as we could,” Bedingfield says of the song. “I love the idea of NESTEA’s ‘taste of freedom’ campaign – asking us all to ‘Let Go’, put the sun on our faces and give ourselves a moment to take a deep breath. This freedom is very much the spirit of what I believe music should be about: letting go.”

Bedingfield and chill below:

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