Because of course.

Natalia Kills Goes By Teddy Sinclair Now

During a Twitter Q&A, Natalia Kills reveals a name change and her current projects.

What’s a troubled pop star to do when their career swirls down the drain after an infamous televised fiasco? Change their name, naturally. Natalia Kills told fans during an impromptu Twitter chat here on out she’ll be known as Teddy Sinclair.

In fact, Kills Sinclair admitted a few noteworthy tidbits during the sesh. She admits not releasing a followup to 2013’s “Trouble” record because of her busy schedule writing for other artists like Madonna and most recently Rihanna.

Her name:

Performing with a band versus solo:

Attempted damage control at her X Factor fiasco where she bullied a contestant:

And then not committing to her name change: